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We've built the best car dealership in the country offering the most competitive rates and easiest service.

As we all know buying a car can be very expensive. Whether you lease, buy or purchase a used one, the process of becoming a car owner can be tedious and pricey. As much as many of us would love to own our dream cars one day, the reality is, owning a car isn’t a privilege everyone will get to experience. Thanks to the PTG365 dealerships located around the U.S. owning a car just got a little easier. PTG365 which stands for Prices Too Good 365 (days of the year) was founded by Eric Whitehead. With more than 10 years of experience in the automobile industry, Eric Whitehead created a dealership dedicated to efficient pricing & world class service. Eric Whitehead is the sole owner of PTG365, a luxury car dealership that he started on his own after years of working long hours at a dealership. While the company was initially known to be run by three Black millennial men, Eric appeared on Hip Hop And Enterprise where he explains why he had to separate himself from his two former business partners and childhood friends to continue running the business he started with integrity. What makes PTG365 such a unique experience is that unlike many other dealerships, this one has direct relationships with car manufacturers as well as banks nationwide, making the car buying experience an effortless one. “We have contracts with multiple manufacturers and multiple dealerships throughout the country, so the pricing that we get is a couple of thousand below of what the dealership owns the car for. We’re able to get our price very low and still give the customer a great price, which is less than average pricing, and still be able to make a profit at the same time,” Since launching PTG365 in 2017, this dealership has garnered thousands of clients nationwide ranging from everyday people to your favorite celebrities. Initially holding headquarters in their hometown of New York, in just one year PTG365 has expanded cross country with offices now in Florida, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
The best auto dealership in the country. We'll beat any prices any day. - Eric Whitehead